The Big Picture

The Terepeza Development Agency (TDA) is the community development arm of Ethiopia’s Wolayta Kale Heywot Church. We serve the Southern region of the country with over 200 staff and several thousand community volunteers.
TDA practices best practice standards and is a recognized leader in innovative community development with very clear Christian foundations. Always working through the local church, TDA uses economic empowerment, conservation agriculture training, natural resource management, community development and children’s programs, and church leadership development in achieving a measurable positive impact in rural Ethiopia. When famine and disaster strike, TDA has a skilled and experienced humanitarian response team of staff and thousand s of volunteers.


Founded in 1987 TDA has been serving the poor of Ethiopia for over 30 years. It started with a church based response to the impact of the Eritrea famine of the late 80’s. But within short order, the organization expanded beyond humanitarian response to proven development programming.
WKHC-TDA is a Development & Relief arm of Wolayta Kale Heywot Church, WKHC-TDA is legally registered by Charities and Societies Agency of Ethiopia (Reg.No 0316).
TDA has chosen to focus in the southern region of the country, an area hit by regular drought and poverty.

Kale Heywet Church

The Wolayta Kale Heywet Church is committed to both the spiritual and physical needs of their people. For the past thirty years, the denomination, through their development arm, TDA has been working with its church leaders, encouraging them to look at the material needs of the community, rather than just the spiritual needs of their people and community.

The Wolayta Kale Heywet Church is the southern of the largest evangelical denomination in Ethiopia with more than 10 million members across 10,000 congregations.


Bereket Mojire is the Executive Director of TDA. With over 20 years of leadership experience and program expertise, he is well suited to lead this organization.
Bereket has a big goal. He recently said, “I envision thousands and thousands of farming families who are free from poverty and destitution, that have sufficient and nutritious food to eat, are able to send their children to better schools, are free from disease and illiteracy, and living in a healthy environment.”


The Terepeza Development Association recognizes that we must maximize our impact and the best way to enhance our reach is by partnering with like-minded non-governmental organizations, government agencies and denominational partners. When we work together, it ensures that one day, poverty will be eradicated and there can be justice for all.

    • Canadian Foodgrains Bank
    • Tearfund UK
    • Tearfund Ireland
    • Tearfund New Zealand
    • Tearfund Netherlands
    • Nutrition International
    • World Relief Canada
    • Christian Children’s Fund
    • Ethiopian Regional Ministries of Health, Agriculture, Women & Children, Finance & Economic Development

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