Work Through & With Local Churches

TDA is a faith based development organization that is an arm of the Ethiopian church. We work through local churches. As we enter villages we connect to local churches and their leaders. Through appreciative enquiry involving pastors, lay leaders, women and community leaders community mobilization and relationship building takes place. Together, we ensure that all segments of the community are engaged and have the opportunity to be served, irrespective of gender, disability or religious belief.
Secondly, we use church land to as demonstration farm plots so the community can learn about new way of farming.

Motivated by the Holy Bible and Ministry of Jesus

We reach out to all of those who are in need. This biblical principle motivates us in our work.

Focus On Women

Women are the most disadvantaged group of society. Focusing on women is focusing on the whole family. We ensure that they participate and have leadership opportunities in all our programs.

Start Small & Then Expand

In every community we serve, we start with a small group (approximately 25% of the population), train them and ensures good quality and great results. This new higher standard can be copied by others.

Contact Terepeza

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