TDA Adolescent Girls Nutrition Project

TDA  Conducts District Level Adolescent Girls Nutrition Training

World Health Organization (WHO) defines adolescence as a period between 10-19 years old. Adolescence is a time of rapid physical growth and a time of increased nutrition requirement. Adolescent girls have additional iron requirements for menstruation and are at greater risk to anemia than boys. In Ethiopia Anemia in adolescent girls is considered as a moderate and in some districts as sever public health problem.  According to a recent baseline survey (December 2015)  conducted in three Accelerated Nutrition Intervention (ANI) project woredas supported by WHO, the overall anemia prevalence of adolescent girls aged 10-19 years found to be 29.2 %. It is believed that these propagate the inter-generational effect of macro and micro-nutrient deficiencies in this age group. Therefore, it is very crucial to consider nutrition interventions which go beyond the conventional maternal and child health care programs to reach girls improve their current nutrition, ability to do well in school and contribute to their economic empowerment.

Terepeza Development Association (TDA) in collaboration with Nutrition International is implementing a project entitled “Adolescent Girls Nutrition (Weekly Iron with Folic Acid Supplementation & Nutrition Education) Project in 19 selected districts of SNNPR in order to benefit 237,362 in & out of school Adolescent girls.  The strategy of the project is using the existing government structures, particularly schools for in-school adolescent girls and Health posts for out of school girls for the provision iron folic acid and nutrition education So far the project has provided training on adolescent girls nutrition for a total of 1,712, participants from 14 selected districts of Gurage, Hadiya and Wolaita Zone, SNNPR. The training participants were invited from district health, education, women and Youth affairs and district administration offices.

District level AGN training Participants in Damot Gale SNNP, December 2018