TDA Responds to Food Crisis

When food crisis happens, WKHC-TDA responds. Although we focus on sustainable long-term development, when disaster strikes our people, we respond to emergencies depending on the resources available. From April to July 2017 TDA delivered emergency food supplies to 25,000 people from with support we got from Tearfund UK. Each family received monthly supplies of

  • 75 Kg of maize
  • 7.5 Kg. of beans
  • 2.5 L of oil
  • supplementary food for children

We targeted the beneficiaries ensuring the most vulnerable people were served. This included widows, orphans, the elderly, those with disabilities and the sick. This is the 30th year in a row that TDA has supported communities in crisis. As a result of annual crisis, TDA has developed expertise and staff that meet world standards in humanitarian delivery. The only problem is that with climate change the problem is greater every year.